Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why we need professional service in order to maintain good standing of our business?

Now that you are one step ahead towards expanding your business and to reach global borders, you need to setup your tariffs rules, regulations as guided by FMC. These guidelines need to be online on a website where FMC can login and audit your business policies and procedures as and whenever needed. This is mostly random and new businesses are mostly visited by FMC, so that they can be enforced to move in right direction.

We are approved by FMC, why we need to setup rules and regulations online?

These are strict guidelines by FMC that each NVOCC/VOCC approved licenses have to maintain their tariff online. Not only rules, regulations but freight rates have to be filed online on a system, where FMC can access your rules, regulations and rates.

Why APtariffs Corporation for Setting Up your newly approved NVOCC/VOCC License?

We have over 35 years experience in FMC Tariff publishing.

We are on a user friendly system with free-access to your entire team and even third parties who are looking to access rates.

Our goal is to make you feel totally confident that you have a highly experienced consultants (over 35 years in this industry) to run legal part of business.

We provide free 24/7 Consulting Services on all FMC Issues, Processes, Procedures, Rules and Regulations.

Once you are setup with us, we not only file your rates within less than 6 hours after your requests but also resolve any issues that you are facing without any extra charge.

How can we contact you in order to setup our tariff online?

We have a technical team who can assists you in order to setup you tariff online. Please click here to contact us or send us an email.

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